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What is New in Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia Research

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2020 WM Foundation Canada (WMFC) Seminar with Patients
The WMFC (the Canadian affiliate of the IWMF) was proud to have Dr. Zachary Hunter of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute join the Atlantic Canada WM Support Group for a recent virtual meeting. Dr Hunter described the latest research into Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. After his talk, he took questions from the participants and described the most recent research project he is taking on with the financial backing of the WMFC, IWMF, LLS and the Leukemia Foundation of Australia. 

2019 WM Foundation Canada (WMFC) Seminar with Patients

WM Foundation Canada (WMFC)
Jewish General Hospital
Montreal, QC, Canada
November 7, 2019
Steven P. Treon MD, PhD, FACP, FRCP - Bing Center for Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
In this video, Dr. Steven P. Treon speaks to a Montreal patient group providing updates on the genomics and latest treatment options for Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia.

A Deep Dive into the Genomics of WM

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
Teaches the newly diagnosed and veteran patients genetics, genomics, epigenetics, the genomics of WM, and using mutation status to understand responses to ibrutinib. Additionally, Dr. Hunter introduces us to the expression of BCL2 family members in WM, validation of CXCL13 correlation with bone marrow and hemoglobin in WM, the signaling pathways driven by mutated MYD88 in WM, the effect of cytokines that protect clones from ibrutinib, and new drugs in clinical trials (HCK inhibitors and MAPK/ERK inhibitors).

Take Home Messages about WM

Morie Gertz, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 2019 Ed Forum
Teaches us about the incidence rates of WM, prevalence of IgM MGUS and smoldering WM, how MYD88 and CXCR4 impact outcomes in WM, MYD88 and transformation risk, hyperviscosity and when therapy is required, how WM affects the kidney (including amyloidosis), chemotherapy treatment of WM, how long responses last until new therapy is required, and strategies to monitor and manage adverse events associated with novel therapies for WM

Great Debates in WM

Moderated by Carl Harrington- IWMF President
Rituxan Maintenance vs. No Maintenance
Morton Coleman MD – Weill Cornell Medical College vs. Stephen Ansell MD, PhD – Mayo Clinic, 2019 Ed Forum
Limited Treatment Duration vs. Continuous Pill
Edward Stadtmauer, MD – University of Pennsylvania vs. Jorge Castillo, MD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
The experts debate hot topics in long term treatment decisions for WM

Peripheral Neuropathy

Tom Hoffmann, MD – IWMF Trustee, 2019 Ed Forum
Provides an in-depth review of the epidemiology, etiology, common cancers causing peripheral neuropathy, drugs related neuropathies, how neuropathy is evaluated, what tests are ordered, and facts about peripheral neuropathy relative to WM, including available treatments.


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