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US and International Support Groups

Reach out to others for support. The IWMF Support Groups are the perfect place to talk with other people affected by WM, including patients, family members and caregivers. The groups provide mutual support and offer the opportunity to discuss concerns with others who share experiences with each other. This sharing strengthens the family bond and enhances everyone's ability to cope with WM. Not only are Support Groups a good source of information about WM from others who are living with the disease…but you’ll make new friends!

Support for Caregivers

A diagnosis of blood cancer dramatically affects the lives of families and all others who have a relationship with the patient. The patient and the entire family may experience an emotional, physical and, possibly, financial impact. Both patient and caregiver usually need to rearrange daily activities to some degree - changes that may not come easily.

Financial Assistance

Cancer is an expensive illness, and it is often a challenge to keep up with the additional costs you may experience after being diagnosed. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) publication Cancer and Your Finances provides guidance about health insurance, government programs and financial assistance programs. It also provides information about the US Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Directory of WM Physicians

For many cancers early detection and treatment are important to one’s survival. However, WM often offers patients the luxury of time...time to find a local board certified hematologist-oncologist who can provide your on-going care; and if need be, time to get a consultation, as a second opinion, with an hematologist-oncologist who is an expert on WM.

IWMF Connect and Online Discussion Forums

The IWMF sponsors a friendly Internet-based group discussion forum in English called IWMF Connect, where you can communicate with others, share experiences and insights, exchange information and get emotional support. The discussions typically focus on WM diagnosis, treatments, research, prognosis, side effects and related conditions. In addition, other important information is conveyed about patient advocacy, outreach to doctors, concerns of the newly diagnosed, information about IWMF’s research and educational activities.


Becoming knowledgeable about WM, treatment options and coping mechanisms are key for your wellbeing as a patient with a very rare cancer. The IWMF offers an annual Educational Forum and makes available publications and other information to help you and your caregivers become knowledgeable about your disease. Our education strategy consists of:

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