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This section of the website describes the IWMF research program. IWMF grant funding for research has helped to provide insight into understanding the basic biology and genetics of WM. This research in turn has played a significant role in the development of treatments and treatment guidelines in current use, as well as potential new drugs still in the pipeline. The goal of our research program is to improve quality of life for WM patients and, ultimately, discover a cure.

The Foundation has a rigorous process in place for all research grant proposals, which includes review by an independent committee composed of selected members of the IWMF Scientific Advisory Committee and other experts in the field. The awarding of research grants is ultimately subject to IWMF Board of Trustees approval. Researchers who receive grant awards must submit periodic progress reports, including a layman’s summary, to the volunteer IWMF Research Committee for review and comment. Information about research grant projects is periodically communicated to the IWMF membership.

The IWMF research strategy, including the recent IWMF-LLS Strategic Research Roadmap Initiative, our sponsorship of medical workshops and conferences, and the Young Investigator Award program, are discussed in Research Strategy.

Researchers who are interested in learning more about our grant process can go to Applying for a Research Grant to review our grant application guidelines, learn about our review criteria, and download a grant application.

Current IWMF grant recipients and summaries of their research projects are listed here, while past grant recipients are here.

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