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April 5, 2019

WM patients in the US may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation to help with deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Last update: 2019-04-08 06:49

April 2, 2019

Listen to Dr. Stephen Ansell of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Jorge Castillo of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute present “Progress in the Treatment of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.”

Last update: 2019-04-02 12:17

April 1, 2019

Making Strides for WMers Worldwide: Join the 3rd Walk for Waldenstsrom's on Sunday, June 9, 2019!  You cna walk with us, fundraise for us, or give on a fellow WMer's behalf.

Last update: 2019-04-01 10:57

March 19, 2019

The IWMF is pleased to introduce our new Member Services Specialist, Michelle Postek, MSW, LGSW

Last update: 2019-03-19 07:50

March 18, 2019

This free IWMF-CancerCare online/phone workshop features Dr. Stephen Ansell of the Mayo Clinic and  Dr. Jorge Castillo of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Last update: 2019-03-18 08:27

March 11, 2019

Dr. Steven Treon will lead the session about WM at a Blood Cancer Conference on Saturday, March 30, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Last update: 2019-03-11 07:43

February 28, 2019

Always active and in his prime of life, it never occurred to Gunnar, until he almost passed out 14 years ago at the age of 38, that he needed to see a physician. ...

Last update: 2019-02-27 15:45

February 26, 2019

Updated in 2019, the IWMF Frequently Asked Questions booklet, Ibrutinib Fact Sheet, and five Treatment Options Guides explain the basic concepts of WM and current treatments.

Last update: 2019-02-26 06:56

February 21, 2019

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) recently recorded a webcast on the role of the caregiver and the special needs of caregivers themselves.

Last update: 2019-02-20 20:35

February 21, 2019

On April 10th, Dr. Stephen Ansell of Mayo Clinic and Dr. Jorge Castillo of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will be discussing “Progress in the Treatment of WM”

Last update: 2019-02-26 13:01