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Ed Forum 2017

You Can Now Read the IWMF Website in More Than 100 Languages

Dec 30, 2016

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with WM and need help, but can’t seem to find information in your preferred language, the IWMF website can help you.

Once you’ve utilized the website feature that enables you to translate the content, you’ll find a wealth of information. That information can range from understanding the disease and the treatment options, to details regarding local support groups, to finding a list of WM specialists for consultation, and even to helping you find educational meetings you can attend…and much more!

The IWMF website is in English, but can be translated into more than 100 languages. The translations are not always perfect, but you will find them helpful nevertheless. 

So if you have difficulty understanding what’s on the website in English, you can easily translate much of the information on www.iwmf.com into the language you speak.     

Regardless of your browser of preference, just use the drop down box that’s located in the upper right corner of any page at iwmf.com, and select your language of choice.

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