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Torch Newsletter

One of the best reasons to join the IWMF is to receive the Torch, our newsletter which covers the latest information on WM education, research activities, and treatments.

Regular features include articles written especially for the Torch by WM specialists and researchers at major cancer institutions and a summary of the very latest in WM medical research taking place all over the world. The proceedings of important conferences are summarized to convey what's new and important straight from the experts to the members of the IWMF.

All activities of the Foundation are covered, from fundraising projects to the engrossing topics on IWMF-Talk to the social activities of the Support Groups.  And every issue reminds the WM patient of the importance of good nutrition with recipes and tips to please the health-conscious gourmet.

The Torch helps to hold our far-flung membership together as a community and keeps both patients and caregivers well informed about all that's current in WM.

The current and past issues of the Torch are available below as PDF files, which you can immediately download (just click on the check marks).

  English Français Español
Volume 18.3 July 2017    
Volume 18.2 April 2017    
Volume 18.1 January 2017    
Volume 17.3 September 2016    
Volume 17.2 April 2016    
Volume 17.1 January 2016    
Volume 16.4 October 2015    
Volume 16.3 July 2015    
Volume 16.2 April 2015  
Volume 16.1 January 2015  
Volume 15.4 November 2014  
Volume 15.3 August 2014  
Volume 15.2 April 2014  
Volume 15.1 January 2014  
Volume 14.3 Fall 2013 15th Anniversary Issue
Volume 14.2 April 2013  
Volume 14.1 January 2013  
Volume 13.3 October 2012  
Volume 13.2 April 2012  
Volume 13.1 January 2012  
Volume 12.4 October 2011  
Volume 12.3 June 2011  
Volume 12.2 April 2011  
Volume 12.1 January 2011  
Volume 11.4 October 2010  
Volume 11.3 July 2010  
Volume 11.2 April 2010  
Volume 11.1 January 2010  
Volume 10.4 October 2009  
Volume 10.3 July 2009  
Volume 10.2 April 2009  
Volume 10.1 January 2009  
Fall 2008 Tenth Anniversary Issue  
Summer 2008  
Spring 2008  
Winter 2008  
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