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IWWM International Doctor-Patient Forum Videos

IWWM9 International Doctor-Patient Forum»

The IWWM9 International Doctor-Patient Forum was held on October 9, 2016 in Amsterdam, NL. The attendees came from 20 countries including all countries in Western Europe, Poland, Dominican Republic, Australia, Canada, and the US.

Link to IWWM9 Agenda

About Hematon
Hans Scheurer
Board Member, Hematon, NL
About the IWMF
Carl Harrington
President, IWMF, US

No Powerpoint slides available

No Powerpoint slides available

IWMF/LLS Research Roadmap
Dr. Guy Sherwood, MD
Vice President Research, IWMF, CA
WM Diagnostics, Symptoms, & Treatment
Dr. Ramon Garcia-Sanz
University of Salamanca, Spain

No Powerpoint slides available

Link to Garcia-Sanz Powerpoint slides

Biomarkers & Genomic Targets: MYD88 &CXCR4
Dr. Zachary Hunter, PHD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, US
Disease Morbidities I: PN, Bing-Neel, Renal,Amyloid
Dr. Monique Minnema, MD
University Medical Center Utrecht, NL

Link to Hunter Powerpoint slides

Link to Minnema Powerpoint slides

Disease Morbidities II: IgM Related Disorders, Hyperviscosity & Cryos
Dr. Josephine Vos, MD
St. Antonius Hospital, NL
Upfront Treatment Approaches
Dr. Jorge Castillo, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, US

Link to Vos Powerpoint slides

Link to Castillo Powerpoint slides

Relapsed/Refractory Approaches
Dr. Marie José Kersten, MD
University of Amsterdam, NL
Self- Management: Fitness, Supplements, Diet & Fatigue
Toni Dubeau, RN/NP
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, US

Link to Kersten Powerpoint slides

Link to Dubeau Powerpoint slides

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