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Board August 2018

Officers and Board of Trustees


  • Carl Harrington, President, Philadelphia, PA, carlh@comcast.net
    Chair, Executive Committee; Chair, Governance Committee; Educational Forum Committee; Audit and Finance Committee; Investment Committee; Imagine a Cure Advisory Committee; Clinical Trials Committee; WhiMSICAL and LLS Patient Registries Committee
  • Beverly Docteur, Secretary/Treasurer, Binghamton, New York, bdocteur@stny.rr.com
    Chair, Audit and Finance Committee; Chair, Investment Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee
  • Guy Sherwood, M.D., Vice President for Research, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, foxfiremedic@gmail.com
    Co-Chair, Research Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee; IWMF Torch Magazine Team; Clinical Trials Committee
  • Elena Malunis, Vice President for Member Services, Sleepy Hollow, NY, emalunis@iwmf.com
    Chair, International Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee; Publications Committee; WhiMSICAL and LLS Patient Registries Committee
  • Michael Sesnowitz, Vice President for Fundraising, Richmond, VA, mlsecon@gmail.com
    Chair, Fundraising Committee; Chair, Imagine a Cure Advisory Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee


  • Stephen Ansell, M.D., Rochester, MN, ansell.stephen@mayo.edu
    Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Peter DeNardis, Aliquippa, PA, pdenardis@gmail.com
    Chair, Information Technology Committee; Publications Committee; IWMF Connect Manager; Judith May Volunteer of the Year Award Committee; Educational Forum Committee; WhiMSICAL and LLS Patient Registries Committee 
  • Marlyn Friedlander, Seattle, WA, marlyn@schererhome.com
    Fundraising Committee, Imagine a Cure Advisory Committee; Judith May Volunteer of the Year Award Committee
  • Suzanne Herms, Mt. Pleasant, SC, suenchas@bellsouth.net
    Co-Chair, Research Committee; Educational Forum Committee; Associate IWMF Torch Editor
  • Dr. Tom Hoffman, Little Rock, AK, thoffmann@iwmf.com
    Research Committee
  • Marcia Klepac, Pittsburgh, PA, marciaklep@hotmail.com
    Chair, Support Group Committee; LIFELINE Committee; Judith May Volunteer of the Year Award Committee; Publications Committee
  • Robert A. Kyle, M.D., IWMF Board Advisor, Rochester, MN, kyle.robert@mayo.edu
    Scientific Advisory Committee; Research Committee; Imagine a Cure Advisory Committee
  • Barry Nelson, Newton, MA, BarryNelson@alum.MIT.edu
    Webmaster; Information Technology Committee; Publications Committee
  • Linda Nelson, Newton, MA, dentalbike@gmail.com
    Chair, Publications Committee
  • Lisa Wise, Philadelphia, PA, wiseplace@gmail.com
    Chair LIFELINE Committee; Support Group Committee

President Emerita

TRUSTEES - 1998 to Present

1998 & 1999 2000   2001 2002 2003 2004
Arnold Smokler, FL
Norm Spector, CA
Anne Greene, MD
Sue Lynch, FL
Judith May, CA
Dick Mann, NY
John Renshaw, MD
Bob Carroll, CO
Ben Rude, CA
Kathleen Ugenti, NY
Davell Hays, CA
Pat Kees, FL
Les Smith, MD
John Spencer, GA
Thad Rushi, NY
Michael Luttrell, CA
Jim Bunton, Canada
Jack Gelber, NY
James Berg, PA
Howard Donley, CA
John Sullivan, NJ
Mary Ughetta, NY
Harold Caplin, CA
  Lou Birenbaum, MO
Jim Johannsen, CA
Neil Massoth, NJ
Tom Myers, MD
Bob Bent, IN
Tom Hoffmann, M.D., AR
Ron Payne, OH
Ron Draftz, IL
Carol Gelber, NY
Peter Mitro, OH
Tony Brown, CA
Elinor Howenstine, CA
*Robert Kyle, M.D., MN
Don Lindemann, CA
Dave Lively, WI
Karen Pindzola, PA
Guy Sherwood, M.D., IN
Ron Yee, PA
2007 2008   2009 2010 2012 2013
Arlene Hinchcliffe, Canada
Dick Weiland, MN
Roy Parker, CO
Bill Paul, TN
Don Brown, IL
*Peter DeNardis, PA
Cindy Furst, CO
  Marty Glassman, CA
*Sue Herms, SC
*Guy Sherwood, M.D., Winnipeg, Canada
*Carl Harrington, PA *Elena Malunis, NY
Cynthia Ruhl, CA
*Marcia Klepac, PA
*Michael Sesnowitz, VA
*Marlyn Friedlander, WA
2014 2016 2017 2018
Gayle Backmeyer, IN
Eileen Lash, PA
*Barry Nelson, MA
*Stephen Ansell, M.D., MN
*Linda Nelson, MA
Wanda Huskins, NY

*Beverly Docteur, NY
*Lisa Wise, PA

* Dr. Tom Hoffman, AR

* denotes current Trustee

* Bold blue text denotes a person who has served, or is serving, as President of the IWMF

NOTE: The IWMF Officers and Board of Trustees are non-salaried positions. These positions are filled by volunteers.

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Did you know WM patients, caregivers, friends, and family fund almost all IWMF programs and services?