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Information presented on the IWMF website, on IWMF Connect, and in Foundation publications is intended to educate and assist patients, their families, and health care providers regarding health care strategies, medical and mental health treatment, and management of a difficult and incurable rare lymphoma.

Patients should treat WM as they would any other major illness, and should never self-diagnose or self-treat. We urge patients to use the information provided in full consultation with, and under the care of, a professional medical specialist with experience in the treatment of WM. We discourage the use by a patient of any information contained in these locations without disclosure to their medical specialists.

Information contained in our sponsored Internet site and in our publications should never be used in an uncritical manner by any health care provider or facility. Medical professionals and facilities are responsible for researching the most recent literature available to determine if a drug or treatment protocol is appropriate for their WM patients.

Because WM is an extremely rare disease, information about it can be conflicting and is constantly changing. Information included in the IWMF website and in IWMF publications is limited and cannot cover all available information on the causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of WM. We encourage you to research further and extensively into those areas of medicine and care that relate to your specific conditions.

The IWMF does not endorse nor recommend any specific treatment, protocol, chemotherapeutic drug, pharmaceutical company, clinic or agency, physician or specialist, insurance company, hospital, or any other person or institution for treatment of WM. The Foundation takes no official stand on medical matters; any representations by Officers, Trustees, or staff of the IWMF as to appropriate care or referrals of any kind are to be taken as statements by individuals and not as official positions of the Foundation.

The IWMF is not responsible for, or liable to, any person, agency, or entity for any misrepresentation, claim, injury, harm, or damage, be it physical or psychological, arising out of the use of, or reliance on, Internet communication systems or publications provided by the Foundation.

By your use of this website for information and communication, you hereby relieve the Foundation of any liability or responsibility of any kind for the content provided and any consequences for the use of such.

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