Did you know?

The IWMF raised more than five million dollars for WM medical research

Did you know?

The IWMF raised more than 60 support groups in North America and nearly 20 others world-wide

Did you know?

The IWMF has a current worldwide membership of nearly 4,000

Did you know?

IWMF-TALK is a wonderful place to share information and learn from other survivors

Did you know?

Each year 1,500 new cases of Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia are diagnosed in the USA

Did you know?

Volunteers at the IWMF Telephone Lifeline are waiting to share their experiences with you

Did you know?

You can order DVD recordings of past WM Educational Forums online or by mail

Did you know?

All IWMF programs and services are funded by WM survivors, caregivers, friends, and family

Services Overview

A wide variety of services is available to members and friends of IWMF:


IWMF Torch (3 times/year)

The many activities of the IWMF are reported in the Torch, including updates on research initiatives sponsored by the Foundation, fundraising, Ed Forum programs, support group meetings, and lively discussions on IWMF-Talk. Recent issues have included articles about complementary medicine, staying well with cancer, side effects in WM, and reports of advances in research about hematological malignancies in general and about WM in particular.  It is available online - just click on the "IWMF Torch" title above, or in print format upon request from the IWMF Office (.


Educational Forum

Held each spring at a different US location, the Ed Forum features presentations by medical professionals who specialize in the study and research of WM. The presentations are directed specifically to the layperson.  The Ed Forum also offers breakout discussion groups on specific topics of interest to both patients and caregivers. Many of the medical professionals remain for the duration of the forum and are available to talk with attendees on an informal basis.  Each Ed Forum concludes with the popular "Ask the Doctor," a question and answer session moderated by Dr. Robert Kyle.

IWMF Website (www.iwmf.com)

Often the first point of contact a newly diagnosed patient has with the IWMF, our website was first developed in 2002 to implement the mission of the Foundation. From time to time, redesigns and enhancements will occur to the site to further advance the causes most dear to WM patients and caregivers.  The visitor to the site, whether WM patient, a family member of a patient, or others with an interest in the disease, will locate services providing support and encouragement, will discover information about WM and educational programs, and will learn how research supported by the IWMF is making strides towards better treatments and a cure.



An e-mail talk list in English where all matters regarding WM are discussed among patients and caregivers. IWMF also administers an e-mail talk list in Spanish and another for our Nordic members. Click on the links below to initiate a subscription email:


Spanish address:

Spanish subject: subscribe


Nordic address:

Nordic subject: subscribe

Patient Database

An online database that contains the active medical history of participating WM patients,  the database will serve as an ever-growing, evolving encyclopedic guide to the conditions and medical histories of WM patients. To use the database, go to http://www.iwmfdatabase.com.


Telephone and E-mail Network List

A list of IWMF members in your area, the Network is a means of putting patients and caregivers in touch with others living nearby. 



Lifeline is a list of patients and caregivers who volunteer to take phone calls and share their experiences regarding treatments, clinical trials, and other specialized areas pertaining to WM. For those who feel more comfortable speaking in their native language, there are also Lifeline members fluent in languages other than English.


Support Groups

The IWMF has support groups in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.  Typically, support groups are facilitated by volunteers who have an interest in periodically bringing WM patients and caregivers together to share Waldenstrom's-related personal and medical experiences.  Some groups may feature WM experts as speakers or offer other special programs.  To see if there is one in your area, go to: http://www.iwmf.com/about-us/support-groups.aspx


Caregiver Support

Caregivers for family and friends diagnosed with WM may be called upon to provide a wide scope of services including, but not  limited to, emotional support, personal care, and household responsibilities. Caregivers are welcome to participate in the IWMF support groups, the Lifeline, IWMF-Talk, and the annual Ed Forum.  They are encouraged to become knowledgeable about WM by reading the various publications and using the other services offered by the IWMF.


Booklets, Downloadable Publications, and Info Paks

Booklets, publications, and information packages (Info Paks) are published by the IWMF to address many aspects of the disease, to provide information to help manage the diagnosis of WM and cope during and after therapy.  The list of available publications can be found at http://www.iwmf.com/publications/.



These publications include content that provides answers to basic questions about WM, that explains how to interpret various medical and blood tests, that outlines the intricacies of the immune system, and that discusses options when treatment is called for. Most of these publications are directed to laypersons, and they are revised continually as our knowledge of WM advances.
Our publications can be downloaded directly from our website. Several of our more popular ones are also included on CDs that are part of the Info Pak for New Members, the WMF Canada Info Pak, and the Info Pak for Physicians, Nurses, and Other Health Professionals, which are mailed upon request by contacting the IWMF Office. Our publications are available by clicking here.



Other Resources

IWMF members may also participate in e-mail discussion groups in French and German as well as in groups based in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. Please see the IWMF-Talk section above for links to Spanish and Nordic country discussion groups.


Links to some other WM sites are also included below: