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Basic Immunology

By Guy Sherwood, M.D., 2014
A comprehensive review of immunology as it relates to WM.

Blood Tests

Compiled and edited by Barb Hauser, 2010 and updated 2015.
Explains the Complete Blood Count, White Blood Cell Differential, and selected other tests used to diagnose and monitor WM.

Glossary and Abbreviations

Written & compiled by Guy Sherwood, M.D., Bret Blakeslee, Sue Herms, & Peter DeNardis, 2015.
This glossary is designed to help patients with WM learn and understand pertinent medical terms that relate to our disease.

Medical Tests

By Guy Sherwood, M.D., 2007.
A reference booklet of medical terms and tests, with particular attention to IgM measurement and the Complete Blood Count (CBC) laboratory tests.

Questions and Answers

Revised by Suzanne Herms and Guy Sherwood, M.D., 2014.
Designed to address common questions about Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, this booklet presents an overview of WM in language directed primarily to the layperson.

Clinical Practice Guide for the Treatment of WM (Australia)

Dipti Talaulikar, M.D., Constantine Tam, M.D., et al, 2016

This booklet is a consensus established by the Australian Medical Scientific Advisory Group (MSAG) , which consists of a panel of haematologists across Australia, and it is provided by WMozzies, the IWMF Affiliate in Australia.

Guide to WM (Germany)

By Christian Buske, M.D., and George Hess, M.D., 2014.
This booklet is written by Drs. Buske and Hess of Germany, and it is provided by the IWMF-affiliate Morbus Waldenstrom (MOWA) in Germany.

Guide to WM and LPL (UK)

By Shirley D'Sa, M.D., 2014.
This booklet is written by Dr. D'Sa, a hematologist/oncologist at University College Hospital, London, UK. The drugs mentioned in the brochure are noted by their generic names and by their UK-specific trade names and may/may not be available in UK/US (or elsewhere) unless in the context of a clinical trial.