Did you know?

The IWMF raised more than five million dollars for WM medical research

Did you know?

The IWMF raised more than 60 support groups in North America and nearly 20 others world-wide

Did you know?

The IWMF has a current worldwide membership of nearly 4,000

Did you know?

IWMF-TALK is a wonderful place to share information and learn from other survivors

Did you know?

Each year 1,500 new cases of Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia are diagnosed in the USA

Did you know?

Volunteers at the IWMF Telephone Lifeline are waiting to share their experiences with you

Did you know?

You can order DVD recordings of past WM Educational Forums online or by mail

Did you know?

All IWMF programs and services are funded by WM survivors, caregivers, friends, and family

Fundraising Events & Activities

Nonprofit organizations in this country are dependent on the good will and support of the public. Among the most important of all resources available to an organization is the voluntary sharing of time and energy by its members. This is certainly the case for the IWMF. Over the years we have had an extensive range of volunteer activities to raise funds and friends in our fight against Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia (WM). We need even more help as we plan for the future while building on our past.




In addition to direct contributions to the IWMF by giving to the IWMF Research Fund and the IWMF Member Services Fund, individuals have sometimes independently created supplementary fund raising opportunities for the IWMF. While the IWMF welcomes and appreciates any funds generated from these activities, they are not a substitute for giving directly to the IWMF.


The opportunities listed below present you with a means to supplement any direct giving done by you or on your behalf. While each opportunity has been developed by or brought to the attention of a fellow WMer, the IWMF does not necessarily endorse these fundraisers or any particular vendor. These opportunities are merely being provided as a service to members who may be interested in helping the IWMF in ways that supplement direct giving. If you are not interested, merely skip over these items and continue your regular contributions to the IWMF.


GoodDining - Dine out and help the IWMF!

What if you could earn a donation for the IWMF every time you dine out at no cost to you?  Now you can!  When you register for GoodDining, up to 6% of your restaurant bill will automatically be donated to the IWMF.  It's an easy to use program that allows members to earn donations when they visit participating restaurants, bars and clubs.  To register, go to: https://www.goodsearch.com/gooddining, and make sure you select the charity: IWMF - International Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia Foundation.


GoodSearch & GoodShop: Search and shop online to help the IWMF

Consider that just by a few extra clicks when searching or shopping online, you can help raise money that goes towards member services and research efforts by the IWMF!  Here’s how it works:


Every click counts: earn money for the IWMF every time you search for something on the internet! 


Search engines make most of their money from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search.  GoodSearch has patented a way to track and direct these search-generated proceeds to charities. In other words, a portion of advertiser dollars earned as a result of your search are now passed along to the organization you've chosen to support.  Why not donate to the IWMF with every search you do? See below for how to get started.

Every purchase counts: earn money for the IWMF every time you shop online!


When you shop through GoodShop at one of its retail partners, GoodShop is paid a commission.  GoodShop has developed a way to track these shopping-generated proceeds and direct them to charities. The amount donated is different for each retailer but it averages approximately 3% of the total sale and can go up to 20% and beyond (the percentage donated is indicated below the merchant’s logo). The total amount raised can quickly add up and the sky is the limit. The more people shop through GoodShop, the more money will be directed towards good causes. There is no cap on the amount of money directed to charities and schools! The experience of shopping through GoodShop is exactly the same as going to the retailer directly - you receive the same prices and level of service. The retailers are responsible for collecting payment, shipping and returns.  Again, why not shop this way and help the IWMF with every purchase?

How can you use either GoodSearch or GoodShop to help the IWMF? 
You can either:
1.     Go to goodsearch.com, click the "Choose a Cause" button, and in the box that appears, enter IWMF (there will be a couple of different IWMF’s listed – make sure to select the IWMF that is associated with Waldenstrom’s), and then do either of the following:

a.     GoodShop: You can shop online to your heart’s content with GoodShop and it doesn’t require any extra money on your part; just click on the GoodShop menu item (located in thetop middle tab of the GoodSearch.com website).  Once on the GoodShop page, just click on the store icon of your preference and you will be shopping for yourself and the IWMF!
b.     GoodSearch: Instead of using Google, use Goodsearch.com when you want to search for something on the internet; just enter your search term in the search box displayed in the middle of the GoodSearch website.

c.      Note: you need to do this for each browser you use (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).  Once you select a charity on each browser, it can be changed.  You do not have to create an ID and register unless you want to follow your own GoodSearch/GoodShop giving progress.


2.     Download the GoodSearch – IWMF - International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation toolbar at http://www.goodsearch.com/toolbar/iwmf-international-waldenstroms-macroglobulinemia-foundation (click the download now button on this web page).  After the toolbar is downloaded it will appear at the top of your browser window.  You can then use the new browser toolbar for shopping and for searching to benefit the IWMF.


Each time you search the web with GoodSearch's Yahoo-powered search engine, about a penny will go to your charity or school (in this case, the IWMF).

Also, every time you shop online at 1,000 participating stores including Amazon, eBay, Target, Apple, Staples, Expedia, etc., a percentage of your purchase will be donated for free! The site also has thousands of money-saving coupons!

To give you a sense of how the money can add up, the ASPCA has already earned more than $30,000!

Pass the word to your friends and relatives so they will use the GoodSearch toolbar to benefit the IWMF also!  Please note GoodSearch has been featured in the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Oprah Magazine, Good Morning America and more.


And, folks in the UK and Europe can shop online with UK- or Europe-based businesses by using "Easy Fundraising" to do the very same thing...just click here: Easy Fundraising: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/iwmf

And if you somehow lose these links...just go to the IWMF website home page, and you'll find special buttons for doing so at the bottom of the page.





(Adapted from the IWMF Torch, spring 2008)


We have many “‘a-thons.” Our band of volunteers has raised funds by running, rowing, biking, driving, hiking, swimming, walking, or golfing. For example: Bob Lynch’s Row-Bob-Row project of paddling up the coast of Florida, or Barbara Backer’s walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, or Peter Steele’s bike ride through the hills of Wales, or Emily’s marathon that generated close to $200,000 in 2006, or the Randall husband and wife biking team in California who generated around $15,000 not so long ago. But a special place at the pole belongs to Arlene Hinchcliffe’s son, Jim, who pledged five dollars to the WM Foundation in Canada for every lap he leads throughout his entire 2009 car racing campaign.

And let’s not forget about “special events” such as Lisa Lawton’s and Nancy O’Soro’s 2007 fundraiser, “DJ, Dancing, Raffles, Laughter and Fun.” Daughters of WM mothers have had benefits in bars on both coasts; Heather Keaton (daughter) and Suzanne Machesney (Mom) led an Avon fundraiser. Or what about Laurie Ach who has sponsored a “crafting for a cure” project and a jazz concert in the Chicago area?

Young family members, too, have done their part on behalf of a WM relative. Jackie Romanello’s nephew selected WM as a sociology class project when he was assigned to choose a cause and learn about it. Prompted by this project, her nephew then went door-to-door and collected $26,000 for WM research.

Or, what about our Pennsylvania Flower Lovers? Nancy Lambert coordinated the Blue Tulip project which called for Nancy and eight others to work in four flower stores for five hours. Result? They raised almost $800 for the IWMF.

“Creative writing” should not be omitted from our list of “things that help people.” For example, Carole Cohen’s Waliday Cards were a big hit for WMers who wanted to send cards to friends or relatives on special occasions. Memorial and Tribute cards are also available through the office by contacting Sara. And, while we are in the writing realm, let’s not forget those among us who have given proceeds from book royalties such as K. Gordon Green and his book Confessions of a Wooden Boat Lover. By the way, Gordon also wrote over one hundred letters with a big dash of humor to generate funds for IWMF research. And there are more – many more – examples of creative uses of writing for our cause.

If you would like more information on events and activities or have an idea for a fundraising event, please call Don Brown at 630-323-5894.



There is also an opportunity for you to lend a helping hand to those in the IWMF who are busy working on their fundraising events and on the process of making it easy for folks to give to the IWMF. Many members of the WM family have expressed an interest in developing and promoting fundraising events to help us find the cause and cure for WM. We have a range of opportunities available as we plan for the future. In fact we need help with the following five categories:

  • Membership Services Fund
  • Research Fund
  • Estate Planning
  • Foundation/Corporate Grants
  • Fundraising Events

The fundraising skills we need include the following:

  • Identifying potential donors
  • Contacting donors by phone
  • Contacting donors in person
  • Writing letters and / or proposals
  • Internet / e-mail marketing
  • Marketing fundraising activities
  • Making fundraising presentations
  • Analyzing fundraising trends and data
  • Leading, organizing, planning and / or administering fundraising activities
  • General support

If you would like to sign up for one or more volunteering opportunities or would like more information, please call Don Brown at 630-323-5894.