Did you know?

The IWMF raised more than five million dollars for WM medical research

Did you know?

The IWMF raised more than 60 support groups in North America and nearly 20 others world-wide

Did you know?

The IWMF has a current worldwide membership of nearly 4,000

Did you know?

IWMF-TALK is a wonderful place to share information and learn from other survivors

Did you know?

Each year 1,500 new cases of Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia are diagnosed in the USA

Did you know?

Volunteers at the IWMF Telephone Lifeline are waiting to share their experiences with you

Did you know?

You can order DVD recordings of past WM Educational Forums online or by mail

Did you know?

All IWMF programs and services are funded by WM survivors, caregivers, friends, and family

Giving Overview

Note: all donations will be considered part of the Imagine a Cure Campaign.

(Click here for more information about the campaign).  If you prefer to mail or

fax your gift, please click here to download a PDF version of the special

Imagine a Cure Pledge Form.


The IWMF is a nonprofit organization with a volunteer Board of Trustees and many member volunteers who help with our various projects. All share the same mission – to support both new and established WM patients, their families and their friends, by providing educational opportunities and support services. The IWMF also spends significant time and money exploring and funding WM related research.


To help us carry out the many support services offered, we have a limited staff at our office in Sarasota, Florida, to assist members in a variety of ways, to keep our records, and to ensure that our materials are printed and mailed to you. Members receive the Foundation's quarterly newsletter, the Torch, and other electronic bulletins of special significance in reporting new information and events, including special WM-specific programs such as our popular annual Educational Forum.


As a nonprofit organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the IWMF will issue tax receipts for all gifts.


The IWMF maintains low operating expenses, and all gifts designated for research are used for approved research projects.

Your Worldwide Advocate


The IWMF is a world-wide organization that works exclusively on behalf of Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia (WM) survivors and caregivers to provide support and advice.

WM is a rare disease that primarily affects us in later life. As such, it is not a “glamorous” disease because it is rarely immediately and severely debilitating.  WM does not usually attack those in their younger years. It does not gain the attention of those seeking to help cancer patients in general. Yet, indirectly, it has a great effect on the lives of caregivers, friends, family, and loved ones of all ages as they deal with the enormity of their loved one struggling with a rare, incurable disease. Any assistance to that patient is also of tremendous assistance to those caregivers in easing their burden with the knowledge that there is viable long-term treatment for the future and hope for a cure.


Two Ways You Can Give


You may give to the Member Services Fund which supports the cost of providing services such as printing and mailing of all our publications and the operating expenses related to providing services to WM survivors, caregivers and physicians. Also included are the costs of four face-to-face meetings each year by the Board of Trustees and multiple audio and video conference calls used by the Board, committees, and support groups. You may click here to learn more about the seven personalized levels of giving to the Member Services Fund that cover all levels of affordability.


The IWMF offers regular giving options that enable you to choose monthly giving from your credit card or checking account, or monthly, quarterly, or annual giving for the designated period of your personal pledge. Note that Member Services Fund gifts may be given in honor of or in tribute to a specific individual, group, or organization. An option for corporate matching is also available. Click the big orange Make a Member Services Gift button above or click here for more information on the IWMF Member Services Fund.


You may also give to the Research Fund, which is directed at finding a cure for WM and treatment options that increase life expectancy and our quality of life. Research proposals received by the Vice President for Research are reviewed by the IWMF Scientific Advisory Committee which is made up of outstanding members of the international WM scientific and medical communities. Upon approval by the Scientific Advisory Committee, proposals are next reviewed by the IWMF Research Committee, made up of Trustees and member volunteers with scientific backgrounds. Following the review process, recommendations are made to the full Board of Trustees to decide which projects are to be funded.


The Research Fund enables you to give any amount and designate your gift in a variety of ways. Click the big orange Make a Research Gift button above or click here for more information on the IWMF Research Fund.


"Anytime" Gift Idea - Tell Your Friends and Relatives


Most people come to a point in their lives when they find they have enough stuff.  When someone asks what you want for a birthday, an anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, retirement, or any other special event, do you have a long list?  Or do you have to struggle to come up with something?  The next time you're asked this question, how about suggesting a donation to the IWMF in your honor instead?  This gift will be contributing to the future health of everyone with WM.


Click here for a draft letter (pdf) (doc)  that you can e-mail to your computer-savvy friends and relatives, or print and give to your family members and friends.  Either way, it's a grea way to give to the IWMF and WMers everywhere.


Note: if you're not comfortable with making the required adjustments to the letter, feel free to call JulieJakicic at the IWMF office (941-927-4963) and she will create a prototype with you that is customized for your occasion.  She'll mail you a master copy that you can then use to make as many copies as you'll need.  it's that easy.


Thanks in advance for sharing this great "anytime" gift idea with your friends and relatives!



In Conclusion.....We Need Your Help!


WM is such a rare disease - it affects only a few out of every one million people - that it is considered an "orphan" disease. And orphan diseases receive little government, agency, or institutional attention. If we want things to change in regard to our healing and treatment opportunities, we are going to have to do it ourselves. This is a significant reason for the founding and continued existence of the IWMF.


 We are accomplishing a lot with a little, but imagine how much more we could do if we had a lot! Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.


The IWMF thanks you as you seriously consider joining, volunteering, and/or giving as soon as you are able!


Click here to download our detailed Giving Guide.